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The version 1.2.6.update introduced the capability to create your own custom themes.

A custom theme is structurally much the same as themes in the /css/theme folder.

To create a custom theme:

  1. Create a folder.
  2. Place all necessary styles and images in the folder.
  3. Mandatory files:
    1. custom-<THEME_NAME>.css — the main stylesheet should be called the same as a theme.
    2. custom-< THEME_NAME >.jpg  — large image for a theme.
    3. custom-< THEME_NAME >-preview.jpg — small image for a theme.
    4. name.txt — contains a theme name to be displayed in the administrative area of your website.
    5. Navigate to the “Configuration” section of the new administrative area, search for a new custom theme in the list of available ones. Activate it.
    6. Now all stylesheets will be added ONLY from this folder.


Customized website owners can update their websites with no trouble. Updates do not affect themes created in these folders.

One should use the following files to check whether a custom theme exists and can be loaded:

  1. /blocks/HeaderNew.class.php
  2. /templates/main/headernew.html

Therefore, if the above files have been customized than a customer should correct them so that his/her custom theme is loaded.

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