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Customers Reviews is a powerful tool for motivating clients to make purchases on your website! However, you need to collect some base of reviews on the most popular products to take advantage of this method of motivating customers.

Customers Reviews Module solves this problem! After all, all products reviews left on owners' websites are combined now into one database and displayed on all sites based on OT Box with Customers Reviews Module installed. Therefore, you will immediately have more than 1000 reviews for goods in total instead of 10-20 reviews. These are real Customers reviews that bought and checked goods. 

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Benefits of this module

In addition, there is a number of convenient innovations in the system of Customers reviews:

  • Opportunity to view and sort reviews by category or by seller.
  • Autotranslation of reviews.
  • Author of review sets product rating. It affects product and Chinese seller rating, but in addition other buyers can set rating for review by usefulness!
  • It's possible to write answer to each review.
  • It's possible to attach photo to each review.
  • Reviews moderation. Customers reviews are immediately displayed in the product card, however, there are moderation tools and unwanted comments can be easily removed.

Do I need to collect additional reviews if they were already added?

It is worth motivating your customers to leave products reviews that they have purchased on your site despite the fact that reviews will be "in common database". Why? 

Each site based on OT Box is unique in its own target audience, as well as specialization:

  • goods for children,
  • clothes
  • household goods,
  • auto and moto goods,
  • furniture,
  • hobbi,
  • books, etc.

Therefore, we recommend in every possible way to motivate your customers to leave a review after receiving parcel with goods in order to quickly cover the most popular goods by reviews. Actually, Customers Reviews Module covers the most popular goods in the whole network of websites based on OT Box! In addition, goods often change, sellers are developing and it is necessary to make every effort to keep reviews relevant, because this factor influences Customers loyalty on each specific site.

How to buy?

Customers Reviews Module is a paid addition for your business development!

Contact OT manager in your Skype chat to purchase this module and follow further instructions given.

Besides, manager will answer your questions on module and methods of payment.

Check module price:

How it works?


Module is available from OT Box version 1.8.3 and higher

Registered users who made a purchase and received a parcel with the order, will be able to leave a review on products that they had in their order. In addition to a text review, they can also download a photo and set product rating.

There is a special section in website admin panel to moderate reviews.

Read detailed instruction how to set and work with Customers Reviews Modules.

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