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"Geolocation" Module determines customers 

It is more convenient for each visitor of online store to make purchases in his country currency. However, each new buyer has to manually choose showcase currency, country of delivery and also site language at the moment. Undoubtedly, unnecessary actions reduce motivation for the first purchase.

"Geolocation" Module determines customers' location by their IP address and automatically selects suitable currency, country of delivery and website language!

This module is useful when expanding your business and working in several countries at once. It is enough to configure language, currency and default delivery (this option is available for all versions of OT Box).

You will need to add the countries to which delivery is made, as well as these countries currencies and language for localization ("Multilingual" module is available for all versions of OT Box) after "Geolocation" module installation. And that’s it. Module will work in the background after that and it will determine what data to show to your new customers, depending on their location!


"Geolocation" module automatically sets language, country of delivery and currency only to new users, so your regular customers have nothing to worry about: once selected settings remain untouched.

How to buy?

Module is a paid addition for your business development! It is not included into any of the OT Box version.

Contact OT manager in your Skype chat to purchase this module and follow further instructions given.

Besides, manager will answer your questions on module and methods of payment.

Check module price: 

How it works?

Contact OT manager in your Skype chat to install module after payment.


Module is available from OT Box version 1.10.0 and higher. If you do not have opportunity to update OT Box to the current version, when buying a module, indicate this fact. OT specialists will make necessary changes when installing the module.


"Geolocation" module checks first if the visitor visits your site for the first time or he has already configured data for himself.

It checks then in which country visitor’s computer is located if the user is new.

Visitor will be shown currency, language and country of delivery in accordance with identified location by module when country is defined.

Visitor can always select any parameter manually if he wishes.

You must make the following settings for correct work of this module:

  • Languages of necessary countries in "Multilanguage" module ("Configuration" → "Languages")
  • Countries of delivery ("Configuration" → "Delivery")
  • Currency conversion ("Pricing" → "Currency")

Read detailed instruction how to set "Geolocation" module

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