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Registration on partner's site

Register on to start working 

Log into website by link 

Complete registration form:

Personal account page will open after clicking "Register" button where you should add your minimum data:

Fill out all necessary fields and save changes:

By this time, you will receive an email:

Click «Confirm your email»:

Your personal account page will open again. Copy your account id (to bind it with OT Box):

Give registration information to OT manager in your Skype-chat when you register and get all necessary information. That is:

  1. email used for registration at
  2. user id (that you copied) in personal account of    

OT Box settings


Open "Configuration" section:

Key settings

Choose "Instance configuration" tab. Choose Taobao in Provider configuration:

Look for list with regions and write Guangyang region into search bar:

Click region on the list and make it blue, check-box should become darker and active for click. Save changes clicking check-box:

If "Instance configuration" tab is missing?

Some OT Box versions don't have "Instance configuration" tab where provider configurations are done. In this situation go to "Configuration" section:

Open "Delivery" tab → "Internal":

There is a block on the right to set delivery region:


Click "Select region":

Select region with code 065001. For this click "All provinces" and choose "130000 Hebei Province" :

Click plus next to province name and select "131000 Langfang City (065000)":

Click plus next to city and select 131003 Guangyang (065000)":

And click "Select":

Ready! Internal delivery region is set.

Set extermal delivery

Choose "Delivery" tab:

Open "External" tab:

Click "Add" button:

Write name and description:

Set currency "CNY":

Choose Shiptor integration type:

Cost calculation is set according to rates ( ). Note! Only ePacket delivery is available at the moment. Other delivery options will be added in the first half of June.

Provider of items is "Taobao":

Ready. Save:

Go to "Rates by countries" tab after saving:

Choose created delivery in drop-down list and click "Add":

Fill out the form according to rates ( for each delivery country separately:


Delivery is set!

Autopurchase settings

It's necessary to set automatical synchronization and payment to set auto-purchase completely. Go to "Plugins" section and choose "Autopurchase":

Choose "Settings" tab:

Choose "Allowed" in "Background synchronization" field:

Click check-box to save:

Choose "Enabled" in "Check order after export" field:

Click checkbox to save:

Scroll down up to block "Shiptor integration settings" and find "Enable auto pay order after export":

Choose "Enable" and save clicking check-box:

Choose "Enable" in "Enable auto pay order while synchronize" field:

Click check-box to save:

Ready. Settings are done.

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