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Mobile Application for online store increases sales and creates one more channel to attract customers and get an effective tool to increase customers’ return.

Today, a significant percentage of users regularly makes purchases via mobile devices because they are available on the way to work or in a queue. No need to wait for the evening when you can access your PC. By the time a potential customer gets to his computer, he may forget about purchase, postpone or change his mind. A significant advantage of Mobile Application is a possibility of a spontaneous, emotional or immediate purchase. Besides it is convenient and decision to buy or not is taken faster because choice of online stores is narrowed (prices of 2-5 websites are no longer compared).

Therefore business benefits are obvious:

  • Sales increase and audience growth.
  • Customer loyalty increase.
  • Resales increase.
  • Сustomers’ informing about offers and online store promotions.
  • Optimization of internal business processes.

There are also benefits for customers:

  • There are things to do in a queue / traffic jam / in transport
  • It is possible to add goods into favorites or shopping cart any time
  • It reduces stress from choice at competitors (there is little possibility to compare them quickly)
  • It saves time due to possibility to use application in any situation.


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