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Since 1.1.7 version functionality that allows customer to confirm packaging is available. It is disabled by default. You can enable it submitting a support request.

1. Packaging confirmation button appears in the following case:

If feature is enabled, order status in which all items are marked as “Ready to ship”/ “Cancelled” / “Impossible to deliver” is set to “Awaiting confirmation for packaging”. You will also see “Confirm” button for this order in the order list (as shown in Figure1). Admin panel displays order appropriate status as well. Filter by status is also available (as shown in Figure 2). This button won’t appear if at least one item got any previous status (logistician won’t be ready to make a package when he/she receives confirmation from customer).


Fig 1. Packaging confirmation button in customer personal account


Fig.2. Order status and filter by status in the admin panel

2. Actions after clicking packaging confirmation button

Clicking this button displays a popup window that asks a customer if he or she would like his/her order to be packed and shipped or not (as shown in Fig.3). Once you’ve clicked “Yes” the order status will be changed to “Ready to be packed and shipped” while button disappears.

Fig.3. Action confirmation

Note that after 10 days during which the order remains in the “Awaiting confirmation for packaging” status it will automatically progress to the “Ready to be packed and shipped” status.

3. Email notifications

Supports email notifications in the following cases:

  1. Packaging has to be confirmed. Notification also prompts that the order will be automatically confirmed in 10 days.
  2. Packaging has been confirmed (either by clicking the button or automatically).
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