“Shipping” section is used for setting up the shipping options:

  1. From Seller to Logistic center warehouse;
  2. From warehouse to end user.


To get into the section:

  1. Go to the shop’s admin area;
  2. Select “Configuration” item in the left menu;
  3. Select “Shipping” tab in “Configuration” item.

Domestic Shipping

“Domestic Shipping” allows selecting a shipping option from Seller to logistic center warehouse.

To select the required shipping option, enter the name in “Add Shipping Option” field.

If it appears in the pop-up window under the search, click the required item and press “+” button.

The chosen option is displayed in “Shipping Options” left column.


It is important to specify logistic service location.

The location is specified in the rightmost “Country Destination” box. When clicking the link the pop-up window with the list of destinations in China appears.

When shipping option and destinations point are set up, press “Save” button to apply changes.

The shipping options selected in this section are displayed in the product card in “Local Shipping” item.


International Shipping

International Shipping allows selecting the shipping option from logistic center warehouse to end user. All the shipping options chosen previously are displayed in the general list. You can edit or delete them using special icons.

To add a new shipping option, click ”Add” button under the shipping list.


In the displayed application form you should fill in all the available fields paying special attention to “Price Calculation” item. These fields’ values will affect the shipping price when the end user is placing the order.

These shipping options are displayed on the site and available for selection while the user is placing the order.



The section is used for setting up the shipping cost depending on the country an Agent intends to ship to.

All the data regarding shipping destinations are given in the table below.


Add Country

To add the country destination, select it from the pop-up list (under the Rates table) and press “Add Country” button. Specify the initial shipping cost and cost of the each shipping stage (step). All data are specified in the currency selected while creating the shipping option.

To activate the shipping rate, tick the box “Availability” on the site.


Edit and Delete

To edit or delete the shipping destination (as well as related shipping cost criteria), press “Edit” tab in “Actions” column (on the left) or “Delete” (on the right).

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