Site speed testing helps you to verify satisfactory prompt loading of your site pages. The information will be useful for site statistics analyzing.

Site speed may directly affect the site traffic. E.g. if your visitors don’t stay long on the page and leave it in 3-5 seconds after opening that could mean the pages are loading too slow and the visitor doesn’t have patience to wait any longer.

Site speed analysis helps to determine the cause of low traffic to the site. If low speed is the reason you will be able to take certain measures in time to solve this problem. Besides, all sites that work within OpenTrade Commerce system acquire information indirectly through servers located in Germany. The connection time with servers is the key factor for your e-store loading speed.


There is a certain tool that helps you to check the servers operating and connection time. To do so make the following steps:

  1. Log in the site admin area (admin panel)
  2. Turn on debugging information display
  3. Press Site Speed Analyze button located on the site itself.


Debugging information

Select Site Settings in the admin area menu (1st menu line, 4th left item). Select the upper item Site Heading Settings on the page.

In Site Heading Settings find Display Debugging Information, then click and tick it.

To save the changes press Save button at the bottom of Site Settings page.

When site settings are saved (the debugging information is displayed), clear the site cache.


Clear Site Cache

In admin area menu select Settings (1st menu line, 3rd left item). When page is open, move to Caching located at the end of the page.

Press Clear Cache button. After page reloading you can go to the site and analyze the site speed.


Site Speed Analyzing

A panel with Site Speed Analyzing button was added to the site.

Attention! The button is visible only if you are authorized in the site admin area. Thus, visitors won’t be able to see this panel.

Then go to the page intended for loading speed test (e.g. catalogue page, product card, search results, etc. You shouldn’t test the main page because it is cached automatically). Press Site Speed Analyzing button. If analysis is completed successfully you will be redirected to the diagram page.

If you open the analyzing page for the first time, the total loading time may reach up to 35 seconds. Some site pages are cached: catalogue pages, product cards, and search results. For their reliable checkout rerun the test. The normal loading time for the recurrent test is:

  • For services: up to 6 sec.
  • For connection: up to 0.5 sec.

If loading time for “services” exceeds 6 seconds, request our support to clarify the reason for low speed. If loading time for “connection” exceeds 0.5 second, your site hosting causes the problem. In this case we recommend you to consider changing your resource host.

Please note that OpenTrade Commerce can host your website.

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