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Flea Market is a module that allows customers to sell goods bought from your e-store. The combination of two facts: a customer made purchase in your e-store and now wishes to sell the item which doesn’t fit him/her properly is a necessary prerequisite for using this module.

Selling items which do not fit by any characteristics (referred to as Flea Market) is a phenomenon that appeared among buyers who shopped on Taobao and other online marketplacesin order to ensure that desire for further purchases is not lost.

Besides, “Flea Market” module is also suited for small wholesalers who first purchase goods from your e-store and then, once these goods have been received, put them up for sale as approved ones (providing precise dimensions, description and even feelings such as “smooth-to-the touchproduct”).

The chief benefit of “Flea Market” module for a website owner is that it makesrisk in purchasing low for buyers. Customers are more likely to buy on your website if they know they can resell the item that doesn’t fit and get all spent money back.

In addition, “Flea Market” module will help to create a community of your website’s buyers thus retaining them on your marketplace and attracting new customers as well.



 “Flea Market” module is sold separately and is not included in any version of the OT Box. It is an add-on for your business promotion and customers’ loyaltyincrease.