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Product categories hiding is required if for some reason you need to hide the specified product or product group of the certain seller, a brand or a search request. At that the hidden positions are available for the search but not displayed on the site.

There are four operational modes of the product catalogue on the site. To filter the unwanted product categories choose the forth Catalogue mode.

The 4th Catalogue mode: “This catalogue displaying mode allows either external or internal categories to be displayed on the certain hierarchy level. It means that Taobao categories are shown in the threads where no site categories are presented. If at least one site category is added, then only internal categories are shown.


To set the aforecited mode:

  1. Sign in the admin panel using your login and password;
  2. Choose “Settings” menu item (1st row, 3rd left item);
  3. Choose from the pop-up category list the forth item (“Catalogue displaying mode where either external or internal categories can be displayed on the same level.

The required mode has been chosen.


Hiding Catalogue Product Categories

To hide unwanted product categories choose "Categories” menu item in the admin panel (1st menu line, 3rd right item).

Go to page containing the product categories list. The given list represents the “category tree” and displays the list of subcategories when clicking on a category. You can click until the category icon stays green. The grey icon means there are no more enclosed categories.

When placing the mouse cursor over any category or subcategory the icon menu will appear on the right.

To hide unwanted category press the 3rd left icon (a circle). If everything has been done properly, the hidden category is coloured pale-grey.

To delete unwanted category press the 4th right icon (a red cross). If everything has been done properly the category will disappear from the category list. Attention! This step is unrecoverable – the category and all the subcategories enclosed will be permanently deleted from the site.

Thus, hidden or deleted categories and subcategories are not displayed on the site, but they are searchable.

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