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Flea Market is a module that allows customers to sell goods bought from your e-store. Combination of two facts: customer made purchase in your e-store and now wishes to sell the item which doesn’t fit him/her properly is a necessary prerequisite for using this module.


See a detailed description of how the said module can benefit your business here: Flea Market (module description).

How to buy “Flea Market” module

“Flea Market” module is sold separately and is not included in any version of OT Box. It is an add-on which is intended to increase customer loyalty.

Contact OT manager in your Skype chat to purchase this module and follow further instructions given.

Besides, manager will answer your questions on module and methods of payment.

What items can be added?

Only items from completed (i.e. paid and received) orders are allowed to be sold. User can put an item up for sale in his/her Personal area (on the “Completed orders” tab of the “Orders” section).

All items are moderated by admin before being publicly displayed on the website.

How it works

Put up for sale” button will appear next to an item. Clicking this button opens an interface for adding the item to the show-case.

Buyer can upload photo of an item, set his/her own item price and quantity, add description, as well as contact information to get in touch with him/her. Buyer clicks “Put up for sale” button once all these fields have been completed. Item is referred to administrator for moderation after that. User can edit information about the item. In such a case, the item will be submitted for moderation again.

Item is not displayed on the website until it is reviewed by a moderator again.


Admin interface includes “Pristroy” section which lists all items offered for sale (“Catalog” section in admin area).

Administrator may approve an item (item will be visible on the show-caseafter that), decline it (once done, user will be notified of that, providing the reason for declining), or remove (for example, in case it has been sold).

Sold items won’t be displayed on the list.

Using “Flea Market” module: general rules

  1. Items in the list cannot be added to the shopping cart on the website.Customer can get in touch with a seller using provided contact information and settle issues related to payment and shipping of the item on his/her own.
  2. Sold item has to be removedin User’s Personal Account. After that, the item won’t be viewable on the website while the user cannot put the same item up for sale once again.
  3. Registered users can leave comments, ask questionsor get more detailed information about the item on the item page (on the “Reviews” tab). The item’s owner can also make a comment about the item and answer the customer’s questions.

How to use “Flea Market” module functionality in User’s Personal Account

When user wants to sell an item which he/she has already purchased he/she needs to go to completed orders list in his/her Personal Account and click “Put up for sale” button next to appropriate item.

This will bring up a window which contains the following editable information:

  1. Item name.
  2. Description.
  3. Price.
  4. Quantity.

User can add one more photo for an item.


 Contact information (telephone, Skype, email) to get in touch with a seller has to be entered into “Description” section.

User clicks “Put up for sale” button after editing is completed.

When button is clicked, item will be displayed in the admin area and its status will show as “On moderation” in User’s Personal Account.

Managing items offered for sale in admin area

Navigate to “Catalog” section and select “Pristroy” tab.

On the page:

  1. Enter the first few characters of user’s login in “User” field.
  2. Choose user’s login.
  3. Click “Apply” button.
  4. Look foritems he/she wants to sell.

Item moderation

During item moderation process it can be

  1. Approved
  2. Declined (providing the reason why it has been declined in the field under Description)
  3. Removed.

To do this, the buttons are available which are located under the items list and in the row for the appropriate item:

  1. Place checkmark opposite necessary item.
  2. Select necessary action (whether you want to approve, decline or remove anitem).

In accordance with the action selected user will see a new status of the item offered for sale:

  1. Approved.
  2. Declined (giving the reason why the item has been declined).
  3. Removed.

Editing item information

You can edit information related to the item on your own.Click item name or edit icon (pencil icon) please.

The following information is editable in the window that appears:

  1. Name.
  2. Description.
  3. Price.
  4. Quantity.

You can also attach one more photo.

Click “Save” button when you’ve made your changes. Click “Cancel” button if you want to leave edit mode without saving your changes.

All changes are available for editing by user in his/her Personal Account.

Sale of the item by user

After successful moderation user will see “Approved” status and the following buttons:

Item will be referred for moderation once again and won’t be temporarily displayed on the website if buyer edited information about approved item.

Approved item will appear in the appropriate collection on the website home page and in “Pristroy” section as well.

User should click “Product was sold” button in his/her Personal area once he/she sold an item.

This item will be removed from the list of items offered for sale in the admin area.

This item won’t be visible to website visitors either.

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