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This module helps you to set flexible prices for products in your online store. With the “Banker” module, you are able to determine pricing strategies for your website and stay in sync with seasonal market fluctuations, as well as offer great deals for customers that buy products of one or another category.

The “Banker” module is most often used to set a markup for different product categories. A low markup can be applied to more expensive and heavyweight products (for example, bicycles or sports equipment) while fast-moving and cheap merchandise (fashion jewelry and accessories) can be sold with a higher markup.

When implementing a competent pricing policy, the “Banker” module will enable you to effectively compete in product costs with the identical projects. This is especially true for specialty stores that allow customers to purchase both speciality items and items listed in other categories.

In addition, the “Banker” module provides the possibility to set the internal delivery cost. For example, a website owner can set the flat rate for delivery within China, thereby making the customers free of the necessity to select the delivery method and calculate its cost. That certainly will enable the e-store to obtain additional profit.

The following is another way of how this module can be used, that is the practice of offering special deals. For example, you can make a special offer for your consumers: buy two items and receive a third one for free in the “Women’s Handbags and Bags” category. With the “Banker” module, you can apply a markup to the goods in this category to cover the costs (purchase and delivery of three items) and make a small profit for website owner. With that, the buying advantage for a customer must be obvious.

The “Banker module allows setting:

  • different markups for different product categories;
  • different markups for different price groups of products;
  • the fixed cost of delivery within China;
  • the cost of delivery within China depending on product price and weight.


The “Banker” module is a paid add-on that helps to improve the success of your business. It is available by default in the Top version of OT Commerce Box.


If you would like to purchase the module please contact OT Commerce manager via Skype and follow the instructions you’ve been provided.

In addition, a manager will answer all your questions related to the module and help to make a payment for it.

For current module price see :

For details about how to work with the module refer to:

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