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Please read information below to find out how goods search is performed and what search settings can be done.

Trade provider

Trade provider is a service (or marketplace) for trading. Information about goods (titles, settings, configuration, etc.) and categories is sent to OT API from trade provider and then is broadcasted to website via OT API Key.

Check available trade providers.

Use GetProviderInfoList method to get list of available providers and information about them.

Own catalog

"Warehouse" provider will be added with additional Goods from Stock Module. You can use it to create your own catalog and add any goods (either from available providers or your own).

Read more about module

Search options and conditions

Each provider has its own set of search conditions. It can be varied depending on website goals. Use GetProviderSearchMethodInfoList method to get list of available search options and information what they support. 

Search can be done by two methods: SearchItemsFrame and BatchSearchItemsFrame. They are completely identical. Difference is that BatchSearchItemsFrame allows to get additional information right per one request besides search itself. Possible additional information will be described below. 

Search conditions are also identical. They are sent into xmlParameters and presented by structure SearchItemsParameters (this structure can be found, for example, in BatchSearchItemsFrame under "xmlParameters" field by clicking on "Structure"). It has xml format (like other structure parameters). xmlParameters is obligatory as it defines what we are looking for. Examples will be described below. 

What is called search conditions 

  • The main search criteria: search phrase, category, vendor, brand.
  • Additional search criteria: filters by characteristics, novelty of goods, and another different product’s parameters.
  • Sorting of search results.

From information about search methods you can get information what is available from these, and what variants are available. 

Getting information about search methods

In the following table you can see what can be known in information about search method and what search conditions it affects. For example, for search condition OrderBy (items sorting) can be found possible values from AvailableSorts field. In information about search method these parameters are in the table in one line. 

Comparison of search conditions and capabilities 

The following table provides a comparative description of search methods as they appear in parameters structure and how they are presented in search methods description.



Search methodsSearch method information
Parameter nameValue exampleParameter desription

Parameter title

Value exampleParameter desription

Provider will be defined by other conditions (for example, categories) if provider was not explicitly specified in search methods. Search will be done by default provider if none of conditions defines provider.

Search is impossible and will give an error if different search methods lead to different providers. 

ProviderTaobaoProvider ID
Search method



SearchMethodOfficialDefault search method defined in settings is used if another one is not set.SearchMethodOfficialSearch method title
DisplayNameBranded goods (Tmall)Displayed search method title (in necessary language)
Flags List of search method features
Goods quantity limitationsUseOptimalFrameSizetrue/false

Feature of using optimal frame size insted of sent one.

frameSize parameter is ignored and OptimalFrameSize parameter will be used from chosen search method if this condition was sent in true value.


Optimal number of requested goods (page size).

Maximum possible search speed is available if such size of pages is used because it meets size of provider's pages.


Maximum quantity of pages received for 1 query.

It can work much faster when using optimum number.


Number of goods received by the same search methods. Change and define search conditions to receive more goods.

Goods orderOrderByPrice:AscDefault sorting set in settings will be used if value is not set or is not included into available.AvailableSorts List of available sorting in search method.


CategoryId16Category ID for search.   

Item title



Search box for item title.

If only item ID (item code) or link to provider's website page is indicated then only this item will be found and shown in search results (or empty if there is no such product).


Search box language by item title. It is equal to language of goods query if not set.

Autotranslation to provider language is done if it is not equal to provider language.



VendorId Vendor IDVendortrue/falseIf search by vendor is supported.
VendorName Vendor name

Vendor area

VendorAreaId Vendor area IDVendorLocationtrue/falseIf search method supports vendor area.

Vendor rating

   VendorRatingRangetrue/falseIf search method supports filter by vendor rating.
MinVendorRating5Minimum value of vendor ratingMinVendorRating1Minimum value of vendor rating.
MaxVendorRating15Maximum value of vendor ratingMaxVendorRating20Maximum value of vendor rating.
BrandBrandId Brand ID
true/falseIf search method supports brands.
BrandPropertyValueId Vrand Value ID (old parameter, use BrandId)
PriceMinPrice10Minimum pricePriceRangetrue/false


If search method supports filter by item price.
MaxPrice1000Maximum price

Currency code for price range
First showcase currency is default one. It is converted by reverse charge and courses into provider currency for search.


Sales volume

MinVolume100Minimum sales volumeVolumeRange true/falseIf search method supports filter by sales volume. 
MaxVolume500Maximum sales volume
   VolumeRangeLogicNone / Range / OnlyMin / OnlyMaxThe logic of conditions by sales volume: range, only minimum, only maximum.
Item status (new, second-hand, unused)StuffStatusNew / Unused / SecondItem statusStuffStatustrue/falseIf search method supports filter by item status.

Item configurations (color, model, etc.)


List of search features provided by structure.


If search method supports item features.

MultipleConfiguratorLogicNone / All / And

The logic of search method by several values of one feature.

Use in search of several values of one feature (for example, it is possible to output only red AND green or red OR green).


Item featuresFeatures 

List of item features.



List of special filters supported by search method.

Search by photoImageUrl Address of the image to search for goodsModuleImage Photo search parameters are allowed only in the search mode, in which the Module property is equal to Image

Image File ID for Product Search

Used if the image you searched for was first uploaded via OTAPI.

Output modeOutputModeFull / TotalCount / Provider

Search results output mode.

Usual search with goods output and all related information is done. Other variants:

  • TotalCount — output of only total number of goods without information about goods.
    It is thus possible to get total number without wasting time for processing goods themselves.
  • Provider — output of only provider and search method without search itself. Provider and search method are defined on the basis of all search conditions and different settings.
CategoryModeNothing / External / InternalLeaf / CurrentLevel

Categories in search results output mode.

There is categories list (not always) besides goods in search results. These categories include found goods. They are usually called clarifying categories. There are several variants of processing and output:

  • Nothing — no categories output (if they are unnecessary)
  • External — output of external categories as they are without cast to internal
  • InternalLeaf — external categories cast to internal final categories (in any place of catalog)
  • CurrentLevel — external categories cast to internal categories of current level or to root categories (if search was not by category) or to those inside category (if search was by category). Thus, clarifying categories never go beyond current level of directory view.
Old conditionsIsTmalltrue/falseFeature of only Tmall goods choice.   


Examples of parameters with search conditions and search requests

ExamplexmlParameters valueTest requestComment
20 items of Taobao provider
 Expand source
Documentation exampleMethod requires at least one of parameter (CategoryId, VendorName, VendorId, ItemTitle, BrandId, Configurators). Get RootCategoryId from GetProviderInfo and pass it to CategoryId (for provider's root category search).
Follow the link to set up search's items count (and other parameters)
20 items of Alibaba1688 provider by 'Storage' search method
 Expand source
Documentation exampleSearch method is selected automatic (by instance key settings and search parameters) by default.
Sometimes search method must be explicit. For example, search by reviews.
More details about search methods.
T-shirts search with system's optimal requested items count/number/batch (page size)
 Expand source
Documentation exampleYou can find more details about search with system's optimal requested items count/number/batch (page size) in paragraph "Goods quantity limitations". Pass any positive number into frameSize.
Sort 20 items of Taobao provider by descending price
 Expand source
Documentation exampleMore details about available sorts.
20 items of Taobao provider sorted by descending reviews count
 Expand source
Documentation example

Available with "Reviews" module only.

More details about available sorts.

Search t-shirts by descending sales count
 Expand source
Documentation exampleMore details about available sorts.
Search by internal category identifier otc-4
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search by Taobao provider's category identifier 50000671
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search by Alibaba1688 provider's category identifier
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Searching for the first 100 items for "red t-shirt" query
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search in original language: 红色T恤
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search in russian language - "red t-shirt"
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search in english language — red t-shirt
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search in english by phrase (without translation on chinese): 3D Vision
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search by article: 583346884671
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search by link from Alibaba1688
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search by vendor: maxmartin玛玛绨旗舰店
 Expand source
Documentation exampleValue of VendorId (vendor identifier) can be found in any item's information.
Search t-shirts by minimal vendor's rating 19
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search by brand's name: vero moda
 Expand source
Documentation example
Search t-shirts by price interval: from 10 to 40 yuan
 Expand source
Documentation exampleSelection includes items with promotion price (PromotionPrice). Currency (if not explicit) gets from administrators panel (first currency from list) and converts.
Search t-shirt by USD equivalent price not exceed 3
 Expand source
Documentation exampleGet currency code (CurrencyCode) by using GetCurrencyInstanceList or GetInstanceCurrencyInfoList methods.
Search t-shirt with minimal sales count of 50
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search t-shirt with minimal first lot 5
 Expand source
Documentation exampleAlibaba1688 only.
Search t-shirt with maximal first lot 1 (equals to retail order)
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search t-shirts by condition (new)
 Expand source
Documentation exampleActualy we have 2 conditions right now: 'new' and 'used'.
New: new
Second: used
Search by attribute: red coloured XL size t-shirt
 Expand source
Documentation exampleSearch attributes for selected item by using BatchGetItemFullInfo (example's item - id 646674173023) (<Attributes> )
<ItemAttribute Pid="20509" Vid="28317"> (for XL size)
<ItemAttribute Pid="1627207" Vid="13535612018"> (for "red" colour)
With additional information block 'SearchProperties' pass (more details about additional information blocks)
Search t-shirts with discount
 Expand source
Documentation exampleList of available features can get from documentation's paragraph #2.
Search t-shirts in stock
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search TMall t-shirts
 Expand source
Documentation example 
Search items with reviews after purchase in "dress" category
 Expand source
Documentation exampleAvailable with "Reviews" module only.
Search by image
 Expand source
Documentation example
Can search by image URL or by uploaded through API file: more details about search by image.


Search results description

Search results are presented by OtapiItemSearchResult structure, fields' description is shown below.

ItemsList of found goods with full number of goods
CategoriesList of categories containing searched goods (clarifying goods)
BrandsList of brands containing goods (clarifying brands)
TranslatedItemTitleText by which goods were really searched (translated to provider language)
ProviderProvider in which search was done
SearchMethodSearch method used for search
CurrentSortReal current sorting
CurrentFrameSizeReal current frame size (page)
MaximumPageCountMaximum number of pages in search
IsFoundByItemIdIf true, then search results contain 1 product found by code or link

Additional blocks of information in BatchSearchItemsFrame

It is possible to get additional information for one OTAPI request using BatchSearchItemsFrame. List of additional blocks is available in blockList parameter separated by commas. Result is BatchItemSearchResult including usual OtapiItemSearchResult and also all properties for additional information.

Block nameDescription
SubCategoriesget all subcategories if search by category
SearchPropertiesget filters  by  characteristics/properties
RootPath get path to root if search  by  category
Vendorget information on seller if search  by  seller
Brandget information on brand if search  by  brand
Categoryget information on category of search  by  category
HintCategoriesget appropriate categories for title if search by text
AvailableSearchMethodsget list of appropriate matching data for search methods  parameters  and all information on them
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