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“Optimizer” module is used for better indexing of website by search engines.

  1. The “Optimizer” module makes it possible to automatically generate title (page titles in a browser), meta-tags and aliases (addresses) for catalog’s pages from H1 content. All these fields are editable.
  2. The module allows you to add a prefix or suffix for categories. For example, if you specify a prefix “Buy” and a suffix “on Taobao”, then the title of the “Dresses, sundresses” section will be “Buy dresses, sundresses on Taobao”.
  3. Seo-texts for website’s homepage and catalog’s categories can also be added.
  4. A seo-text for the homepage is added once you navigate to Website configuration  >> Seo settings. Texts and tags for website categories can be added in the “Categories” section while editing a selected category.

This module helps SEO professionals to improve the website’s relevance in search results.

The “SEO optimizer” module is a paid add-on that helps to promote your business. It is provided in the Top and Standard versions of OT Commerce Box.


If you would like to purchase the module please contact OT Commerce manager via Skype and follow the instructions you’ve been provided.

In addition, a manager will answer all your questions concerning the module and help to make a payment for it.

For current module price see:

How it works

How to edit product catalog categories

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