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This is a tool for promoting a website, communicating and interacting with clients, and boosting sales of specific goods.

This module envisages creating information pages (content that includes texts, photos and videos) on the website. The most appropriate and frequent use of the blog is posting product reviews.

A detailed product reviews accompanied by pictures and videos help build customer trust, encourage visitors to make a purchase, and ease their anxieties about product quality. Additionally, such texts increase customer loyalty to your store as a whole. Besides, you can tell customers about principles of your work, show warehouses and order workflow thus establishing the site’s reputation as a transparent and reliable company.

The important benefit of Blog is that it can impact your site’s ranking in search engine’s results. By optimizing the text content of reviews for specific keywords and keyword phrases, as well as applying definite seo-settings to blog’s pages you will get your website ranked high in organic search results. Website optimization by creating unique, readable and informative content is considered to be a more efficient strategy than costly contextual advertising and other means of promotion.

Blog can be one of the main zest of your e-store, equally important for customers as assortment and favourable prices. Well-written, comprehensive product reviews are sought out by millions of Internet users, however not everyone knows about your store and its great offers. An article in the blog can be the first step towards registering on your website and placing an order.


The “Blog” module is a paid add-on that helps to promote your business. It is provided in the Top version of OT Commerce Box.


If you would like to purchase the module please contact OT Commerce manager via Skype and follow the instructions provided.

In addition, a manager will answer all your questions regarding the module and help to make a payment for it.

See price-list: for module price

How it works

  1. Once you’ve got this module installed, “Blog” module functionality becomes available in “Content” section.
  2. You create articles in the blog using a standard text editor.
  3. After being saved all articles are available on your website.

Please refer to: Blog for more detailed information how to work with this module.

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