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It is a tool for keeping existing website users and attracting new customers.

The referral scheme is simple: your website user brings in his/her friend and gets a reward every time he or she buys from you. Thus, the user is interested both in attracting referrals and in high buying activity they demonstrate.

This module is designed to set up different reward schemes as well as to create and moderate referrals.


The “Referral program” module is a paid add-on that helps to promote your business. It is provided in the Top version of OT Commerce Box.


If you would like to purchase the module please contact OT Commerce manager via Skype and follow the instructions provided.

In addition, a manager will answer all your questions regarding the module and help you make a payment for it.

For current module price see:

How it works

  1. Any registered user will be provided with a unique referral link in his/her Personal area.
  2. New users (referrals) either navigate to your website by clicking the referral link (in so doing, a referrer is automatically defined) or enter a referrer’s login during registration.
  3. The referrer gets a specified percentage of completed transactions of his/her referral (purchased item price is taken into account).
  4. The agent can set up different groups of referrals and specify a percentage for each group.
  5. Earnings (percentage) will be credited to a referral’s personal account and can be subsequently used to pay for orders.


Please refer to for detailed information how to work with this module.

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