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“Photobooth” module aims at increasing customer loyalty. Any customer can feel uneasy when he/she doesn’t know how an item will look like upon delivery. With the “Photobooth” module, you can attach photos of products taken in a warehouse in China so that a customer will have a live view of the product.

Thus, “Photobooth” module helps your store in a few big ways:

  • You will ease customer anxieties about an order since you have not just checked everything but also assisted the customer to buy the right product and feel good about it.
  • With this module, the probability that a customer will buy from you again is increased as you’ve persuaded a customer that you are a trustworthy seller (you do not hold anything back and show things as they are)
  • The order amount will be increased due to trustworthiness: as the shopper knows that he/she can check the product via photo he/she can order a more expensive product (for example, smartphone or other equipment) without fear to receive a faulty one.

How it looks like in the admin area

“Photobooth” module is a paid add-on that helps to promote your business. It is available in the Top version of OT Commerce Box.


Please contact OT Commerce manager via Skype and follow the instructions provided if you would like to purchase the module.

In addition, a manager will answer all your questions regarding the module and help to make payment for it.

See price-list for module price.

How it works

You upload photos via admin area by selecting a way of how you want to upload them:

A photo from web camera;

An image from your computer or using URL.

Photos of products are available for viewing in customer’s order.

Сheck our reference article “Items – Photobooth” for detailed information how to work with this module.

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