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Flea Market is a module that allows your customers to sell goods that were purchased but did not suit them. They can sell them on your website. Main condition is that they can sell only those goods purchased on your website.

The sale of goods that did not fit some characteristics (called "Flea Market") is a phenomenon that appeared in the environment of Taobao buyers and other online marketplaces. It is used to keep motivation for further purchases.

By the way, "Flea Market" is also suitable for for small wholesalers who buy goods on your website and offer them for sale as already checked after receiving (with exact characteristics: size, description of materials and feelings, like "this dress is nice on the touch"). 

Main advantage of this module for website owner is that it significantly reduces buyer's fears of risks when buying. Visitors are quicker to make a decision about purchase if website has a place where they can sell an item that did not suit and return money spent on it.

"Flea Market" also promotes formation of a community of buyers of your site, which keeps them on your site and attracts new users.

Site users will be able to sell products they purchased on the site through any kind of product aggregators.



"Flea Market" module is a paid module and not included in any of the OT Box version.


Contact OT managers in your Skype-chat to buy module and follow instructions provided.

Besides, manager will answer questions on module functionality and will help with payment.

How it works?

Customer received his order made on your website but product did not suit him (for example, size or color). Customer decided to sell it. He can do it on your website. He just follows these steps:

  1. He logs into his personal account on your website;
  2. He chooses a product that he wants to sell;
  3. He clicks "Sell" button and completes a simple form (title, description, price, 1 photo and contact information);
  4. Product for sale is visible in admin panel for moderation and you can: make changes, confirm, decline or discontinue;
  5. Customer organises sale and delivery of goods put up for sale after they are added into a special selection on your website.
  6. Product card will allow registered users to leave comments, ask questions or clarify some data. Product owner will also be able to leave a comment to product or answer questions.
  7. Customer clicks "Product sold" in his personal account after products are sold and completes order.
  8. Product disappears from your website (from special selection "Flea Market" and customer loses opportunity to sell this product again.

Technical documentation

For details about how to work with the module refer to: https://docs-en.otcommerce.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=16909679

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