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The key goal of all online stores is to increase conversion rate and build a strong trust relationship with the client. Social marketing is a very effective tool for achieving these goals today.

This functionality will allow buyers not to waste time filling out the form when registering. Besides, customer won't need to remember his login and password. Your customers will just need to click button of their favorite social network and agree to the terms to make an order.

Social networks authorization not only simplifies conversion process, giving site visitor opportunity to enter your site without registering, but also opens access to a huge database of user information placed on profiles in social networks to business owner.

Such easy authorization will be especially relevant if you have groups in social networks. Entering the site directly through Facebook or other networks will be a pleasant surprise for its participants.

External Authorization into Facebook, Twitter an Google is available at the moment.

Why is this useful?

  1. Mandatory registration pushes users off (they want to buy without completing boring forms), so social networks authorization is an excellent alternative to registering.
  2. Users are often lazy to restore password and login, therefore they postpone purchase. It's not necessary to keep in mind login and password on your website with social networks authorization. Social network login and password are rarely forgotten because there are friends, groups, etc.
  3. Social network is already the Internet for many Internet users and familiar buttons (such as authorized through Facebook) soothe and increase trust.
  4. New generation of users (buyers about 18-20 years old) were grown on social networks and “Authorize through…” button will be perceived favorably and their loyalty will increase.

What is included into module?

Social Networks Authorization functionality for online stores based on OT Box will include:

  1. Output of list of external authentication systems for an unauthorized user. The first stage includes only Facebook. Integration of other networks will be gradually added in the future.
  2. Authorization or registration through chosen social network.
  3. Authorization offer via Facebook will appear when you click “Register” and “Login” next to standard form.
  4. Automatic creation of user's login in online store. Binding to social network login. Opportunity to work with orders as a user registered on site manually.

How to buy?


External Authorization module is a paid add-on for your business promotion! It is included into OT Box Top version.


Contact OT managers in your Skype-chat to buy module and follow instructions provided.

Besides, manager will answer questions on module functionality and will help with payment.

Module price:

How it works?

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