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Multilanguage module – allows to add and show several languages on website, so that users could choose among them.

Language version should be prepared by website owner.

Module is free for all versions of OT Box.

Personalized approach is increasingly used in the Internet now, therefore more and more people are looking for sites in their own language.

Your website should be at least in the languages of those countries of your target audience if you have a plan to enter international market.

We provide manual translation of catalog, interface, functional words and phrases only in English and Russian languages at the moment.

Content translation (product descriptions, seller’s info) is done automatically (like google translate).

“Multilanguage” module allows to show several language versions on a website. Language version should be prepared by website owner.


Catalog and goods description are translated automatically. Website owner should prepare interface, functional words and phrases translation.



Autotranslation of catalog and goods description is added for the following languages:

  1. Russian (русский)
  2. English (English)
  3. Mongolian (Монгол хэл)
  4. Chinese (中文)
  5. Spanish (Español)
  6. German (Deutsch)
  7. Portuguese (Português)
  8. Bulgarian (Български)
  9. Hebrew(עברית)
  10. Armenian(հայերէն)
  11. Yakut (Саха тыла)
  12. Polish (Jezyk polski, polszczyzna)
  13. Georgian (ქართული ენა)
  14. Romanian (Limba română)
  15. Ukrainian (Українська мова)
  16. Finnish (Suomi)
  17. Japanese (日本語)
  18. Azerbaijani (Azərbaycan dili)
  19. Кyrgyz (Кыргыз тили)
  20. Czech (čeština)
  21. Arabic (العربية)
  22. Korean (한국어)



For detailed information how to work with this module refer to:

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