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Autopurchase” module allows to book goods right from admin panel and reserve them on provider site for further purchase. It is effective for those agents who have taobao account.

Main goal of this module is to automate goods booking and simplify purchase process. “Autopurchase” module allows to book goods on provider website with only 2 buttons: select session (login) for purchase and click “Book” button. 

Goods statuses are synchronized in background (manual synchronization is available)  in admin panel and personal account of trade provider. 


Autopurchase” is a paid module for your business promotion! It is not included into any version of OT Box.

Contact OT managers in your Skype-chat to buy module and follow instructions provided.

Besides, manager will answer questions on module functionality and will help with payment.

See price-list for module price.

How it works?

  1. Trade provider account is connected by technical support.
  2. It's necessary to authorise in trade provider admin panel when everything is connected. 
  3. Choose necessary goods and book them.
  4. Log into trade provider personal account and buy goods.
  5. Statuses of goods change when they are bought.
  6. It's possible to cancel booking if it's necessary.

Please refer to detailed instruction how to work with the module:

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