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Secured https-connection for site (installation SSL certificate) 

1. Find the site where you buy ssl certificate. Such sites are called centres ssl certificate. (There are free ssl certificates, but they are rarely fit for sites and also they have fewer functions. That’s why you’d better to buy ssl certificate.) For example
2. During issuing ssl-certificate it’s necessary to generate csr (certificate signing request). And the private key is generated simultaneously with the csr. Don’t forget to save csr request and the private key.
(If at the site where you’re going to buy ssl-certificate, there isn’t an opportunity to generate csr request, you can write in search bar of your browser following: “online csr generator”. And you find different site where you can generate csr request easely.)
3. Usually centre ssl certificate sends all necessary files for installation ssl-certificate to your e-mail. Be sure to check you have the file of certificate with crt extension.
4. For installation SSL certificate you need to write a ticket for service (Freestyle application form) in our support
In the subject of application write “Ask to install ssl-certificate and make redirect of all pages from http to https”.
If your site isn’t on our hosting, don’t forget to provide access to your hosting.
Also provide all ssl-certificate files and the private key. For ex. you can load ssl-certificate files and the private key on google-disk. And send these links in the ticket(application) or you can send them in your skype-chat, and managers of client support attach all files in the ticket by themselves.

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