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Social Networks Authorization is a paid module. Contact OT manager in your Skype chat to purchase this module and follow further instructions given. Check price.

Check availability of "Social Networks Authorization" module

Use one of the following methods to get list of available modules:

“External Authentication” module is enabled and authorization through social networks is available to you if ExternalAuthentication is in the list.

Get data on social networks

Use GetExternalAuthenticationSystemInfoList method to get list of social networks that will give you identifiers, names and images (AuthenticationSystemInfoListAnswer).


GetExternalAuthenticationInfo method is used to initiate authorization. We send social network identifier and return address (the one you can process on your website or intercept in the browser) to it, and you will end up with an address to which user’s browser should be sent (AuthenticationInfoAnswer).

Browser will return to specified address with some additional parameters after user is authorized in the social network:

  • There will be sessionId parameter in which user session is ready if everything is successful. We memorize it and use further.
  • You will have error=email_required and contextId in parameters if social network did not issue email. In this case you need to ask user for email and password and send (along with context obtained earlier) to ConfirmExternalAuthentication method. You get session in return (SessionIdAnswer).
  • Parameters will just give an error if some other error occurred. You can show its contents to user or simply give “Error during authorization”.
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