Merchandising is a key strategy when you want to attract and retain new customers. Mixer plugin is a tool to make your website an attractive choice for consumers.

Recommended, recently viewed and popular goods that are changed randomly will catch attention of a wide range of customers showing that website is live and e-store owner takes into account clients’ tastes and preferences compiling a comprehensive and wide list of goods.

Plugin provides the following possibilities:

Plugin requirements:

All of this can be configured in admin area of your website.

Mixer plugin is a paid add-on that helps to improve success of your business. It is available by default in OT Commerce Box Top version (admin area version 1.7.4 or later).


Please contact OT Commerce manager via Skype and follow instructions you’ve been provided if you would like to purchase plugin.

In addition, manager will answer all your questions related to plugin and help to make a payment for it.

See plugin price:

How it works

First, you should add goods to “Recommended goods” collection ( “Recently viewed goods” and “Popular goods” collections are generated automatically). Next, Mixer plugin occasionally displays all these goods in appropriate collections on the main page. Some (configurable) time later goods are mixed again.

Thus, consumers will see goods from “Recommended goods”, “Recently viewed goods” and “Popular goods” collections in a random order after a specified period of time.

Refer to for details about how to work with plugin.